Selling your home is a journey.   It begins with organizing and cleaning up the place.  It continues through negotiation and a home inspection.  And at the end, it involves saying goodbye to a place you cherish.


Through all of this, I offer a calm presence and an innovative marketing approach.   Past clients have appreciated this balanced style, and I look forward to assisting you in this journey.

Home Assessment

The journey begins with a practical assessment of your home’s assets and liabilities.  I will start by asking the following questions:

  1. What are your home’s assets and strengths?  How can we celebrate them through narration, photography, and video?
  2. What are your home’s liabilities?  And how can we address them pragmatically?
  3. What is your home’s value range in today’s market?

I ask all three of these questions and present answers to you in a customized Home Assessment Report.  Upon reviewing this report, we determine action items to take leading up to the listing of your property.

The 3 Keys to Your Home Sale:  Price, Presentation, and Promotion


  • PRICING:  The critical first step in selling your home is determining its listing price.  Priced too low, the sale won’t drive the highest value.  Priced too high, the property languishes on the market.  My goal is to guide you to the sweet spot in between.  I utilize in-depth market analysis to define this range.
  • PRESENTATION:  To best present your home, I utilize professional photography and video.  This is a critical step overlooked by many agents.  Learn more about the Guy Evans Visual Advantage.
  • PROMOTION:  To promote your home, I post the professional images and video on a multitude of on-line platforms including Facebook, Instagramthis website, the Coldwell Banker site, as well as the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.  I also utilize direct mail in many cases to alert surrounding homeowners of your home’s availability.  Also, your home will be included on the local real estate agent tour.

Signing to Closing

Once an offer is received, the second half of the home sale journey begins.  I offer input and counsel during the negotiation and monitor the steps following negotiation such as the home inspection and appraisal (needed if buyer financing is involved).

If you have purchased and sold a few homes, you know this portion of the journey can have its surprises.  The inspection may reveal a significant issue that involves more negotiation.  The appraisal may not hit the sales price.  Timelines may stretch beyond initial closing dates.  Patience, a cool head, and creative effort can resolve 99% of all these post-signing issues.

I am at your side through the entire process.  And I celebrate you and your sale on closing day.  The journey is complete!

First steps

Beginning the conversation about selling your home starts with an initial appointment.  Following the appointment, I prepare a complimentary, no-obligation Home Assessment Report for your property.

Please contact me today.  I look forward to serving you in the sale of your home.