ORIGIN STORY:  The Sunshine Farm

Garden of Sustenance

The vision came on a dark October night in 2003.  I was driving past Rocky Reach dam.  I was to move back home to our family apple orchard.  For the next ten years I toiled.  Ultimately the vision died, but something far better grew up instead.

From filmmaking to farming

I remember the moment even now. I had just finished presenting my documentary, Broken Limbs, in Wenatchee.  As I passed the twinkling lights of the dam,  a flash of insight.  I was to return home to our family orchard and create:

  • A sustainable, multi-crop farm
  • A cohousing community, and
  • An institute and learning center. 

The vision for the Sunshine Farm and the Sunshine Institute was born. (more…)

Winter Walking and Running at Lake Chelan

1, 2, and 4 mile options from Downtown Chelan

Getting outdoor exercise can be difficult in the winter.  Especially if you love to walk or run.  Thankfully, Chelan enjoys a growing number of trails near to town that are accessible year round.  Check out these one, two, and four mile options to help stretch the legs and clear the mind. 

One Mile – Riverwalk Loop

Everyone loves this classic year-round downtown walking loop.  The paved Riverwalk trail covers just under one mile as it loops from the old Chelan bridge near Campbells to the Dan Gordon bridge and back again.  I enjoy bird watching and people watching on this route. (more…)


Lake Chelan Real Estate Market Still Hungry for Home Sellers

Last year I wrote a blog post using the title above.  Same conditions.  Same time of year. Back then, I had wondered if enough sellers would appear to keep pace with buyer demand.  My post in September suggested the answer was yes.  But since then inventory has dropped to a five-year low.  What does this mean for 2018?

For Sellers and Buyers

If you are a seller in 2018 get ready, the market is waiting.  Cover the basics recommended by your Realtor, be aggressive but not greedy with price, and be prepared to enjoy a good sale.  (more…)

The Guy Evans One Percent to Housing Campaign

Our valley has an affordable housing crisis and the Guy Evans Real Estate Team wants to be a part of the solution.

List your home this spring with the Guy Evans Real Estate Team and we will donate a third of our commission (1% of the sale price of your home) to the City’s Affordable Housing Fund.  This means if your home sells for $400,000, we will donate $4,000 to the City’s fund.

If you are considering selling your home this year, take advantage of this opportunity and help be a part of the solution to a pressing community need!  Please email me to get your listing started.

Campaign completion date:  5/15/18
6% listing agreement commission 
1% payment made at closing to the City of Chelan’s Affordable Housing Fund.



How Do We House Our People?

Thoughts on Hookup Fees and Affordability in the Lake Chelan Valley

Our valley is growing.  New homes pop up around the lake with abandon.  But where are the new homes and apartments for local wage earners?  The City of Chelan will commission a new utility rate study in 2018.  Here are several concepts the study should consider to incentivize local wage-earner housing.

Quick Relief:  Multi-family rentals

Concept 1:  Incentivize multi-family rentals through a reduction in sewer and water hookups throughout the city limits.

Based on analysis of population growth since 2010, our valley lacks over 200 rental units.  This absence is felt as rents surge and our lowest wage earners move out of the valley.  Building more multi-family rental housing offers the quickest way to release this pressure. (more…)

Median Incomes of Second-Home Buyers Dwarf Local Incomes

It comes as no surprise that second-home buyers in Lake Chelan have median incomes far in excess of local incomes.  Using 2015 median incomes, the slide below shows this difference.  The median income in Sammamish in 2015 was $153,253.  The same year in Chelan, the median income was reported as $49,905.

The following slide comes from a presentation given in December 2017 by Guy Evans to the Chelan City Council. 

Lake Chelan Valley lacks nearly 200 rental units

In 2017, Weidner Apartment Homes commissioned a study of the market demand for rentals in the Lake Chelan Valley.  The analysis, based on standard appraising practices, revealed a deficit of over two-hundred units.    The following slide comes from a presentation given in December 2017 by Guy Evans to the Chelan City Council.

Simmons Joins Coldwell Banker and the Guy Evans Real Estate Team

Former Historic Downtown Chelan Association (HDCA) Executive Director, Jessie Simmons, has joined Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties and the Guy Evans Real Estate Team as a new Realtor. “I couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead”, says Simmons. “I thrive on helping and serving others and look forward to working with Guy and the Coldwell Banker team.”

“Jessie is one of the bright lights in the next generation of Chelan’s leadership.”, praises Evans. “I knew I had to have her as a part of my team.” Simmons will join Evans as a transaction and marketing coordinator while cultivating her own client relationships. “Synergy is defined as a sum exceeding its parts”, says Evans. “I am confident this will be the hallmark of the Guy Evans Team with Jessie aboard.”

Prior to her leadership at HDCA, Simmons worked in the advertising industry. She stepped down as Executive Director of HDCA at the end of December. Simmons was born and raised in Chelan, is married to Allan Simmons, a local educator. She is the daughter of Rich and Leah Thompson.

Here is a 20-minute presentation I gave to Chelan City Council on 12.19.17 on the subject of housing in the Lake Chelan Valley and the proposed Weidner Apartment Homes project.

Here is a quick 40-second collage of my favorite photos from the 2nd half of 2017.